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Bodine Ashner Builders

In 1954, Leo Ashner became a realtor for J Lester Brown in Mission Kansas. Leo became the top realtor in a very short time and realized his love for new homes. Leo and his best friend Virgil Bodine came together in 1957 to build their first home as Bodine Ashner Builders. 

Soon the duo were building entire street blocks full of new homes in the Nall Hills Neighborhood, and in other areas of Overland Park, Prairie Village, and other surrounding areas. Their partnership went on until 1979. After Virgil retired, Leo began building homes in partnership with two of his sons Tim and Jeff. Tim and Jeff soon went off on their own and Leo focused more on developing neighborhoods. 

In 1992 he and his youngest son Chris partnered together under the Bodine Ashner brand. Together they designed and built many innovative new home plans, as well as developing upscale subdivisions throughout southern Johnson County.

Today, the tradition continues to thrive with owner, Chris Ashner, continuing to build and develop as Bodine Ashner Builders Legacy.

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